Fabulous Footwear

Fabulous FootwearA great way to add style to any outfit is with a spectacular pair of shoes. This goes double for a wedding! It is not just the bride who can make her ensemble more beautiful with a really hot pair of shoes, either. The bridesmaids can definitely use their accessories to transform their attire from good to great. These are some ideas on fabulous footwear for the entire bridal party.

If there is one thing that can really drag an outfit down, it is a bad pair of shoes, right ladies? Yet the right pair can elevate that same outfit into something truly stellar. This is especially true for the bridesmaids, since they will often be wearing dresses which are short enough that their shoes show. If there was ever an argument for ditching the old-fashioned dyed-to-match pumps and trying something more modern, this is it! What makes shoes special? Cut, patterns, color, and embellishments.

A hot trend right now in wedding accessories is to go for a contrasting color rather than a match to the bridesmaid dresses. Depending on how bold your taste is, you can go for some real extremes with great results. For instance, try pairing outrageous combinations, like a chartreuse dress with magenta or cherry red silk kitten heels. Or add zip to a safer color by spicing it up with the accessories. I love the idea of a blue cotton sundress for a summer wedding with the unexpected accent of red check fabric espadrille wedges. Tie the look together with gifts of bridesmaid jewelry that have a few red crystals thrown in to coordinate.

Fabulous Bridesmaid ShoesAnimal prints can be a fun way to spice up a solid color dress. Take your pick: zebra stripes, leopard spots, or even giraffe prints can be sexy and chic. Take care, though, because animal print accessories also run the risk of looking a bit tawdry. The bold prints will look classic, not cheap, if done on a ladylike shoe such as a ballet flat or a peep toe pump; just avoid the whole leopard print stiletto thing: too sexy for a wedding. The animal prints are most fun when they are unexpected, so pair a zebra shoe with a lime green dress or a giraffe print with a brown dress; stay away from bright red dresses with animal prints which can be a bit too much. And don’t forget about the bride; a killer pair of leopard slingbacks would be fabulous peeking out from under an ivory silk gown!

Special embellishments can also elevate footwear from a necessity to a spectacular accessory. Crystal straps on silk sandals would be a gorgeous coordinate to crystal bridesmaid jewelry gifts. Or pick a silk ballet flat with a fabric rose on the toe for a sweet alternative to a plain flat. A peep toe flat with a large bow would be darling for the bride or her bridesmaids. By the way, don’t think that the only great looking wedding shoes have high, high heels. There are some designers, such as Kate Spade, who make showstopping styles in flats year after year. Also keep in mind the possibilities of adding a crystal or pearl embellishment to a comfortable but plain shoe to make it look as good as it feels.

When seeking spectacular wedding shoes for all the ladies, also keep materials in mind. Glossy patent leather is festive and elegant for a winter wedding, perhaps in a rich jewel tone like emerald. A textured shoe like a velvet embossed crocodile is another surefire winner. And of course, sumptuous silk shoes are in style all year round. With footwear this fabulous, you will want to hem all the dresses shorter!

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